Myra is a premium Tequila concept bottle for aged and extra aged Tequila produce. The bottle can be produced in regular glass, with metallization in a gradient, revealing colour of the liquid gradually. Volume of the botle is 750 ml, height of the bottle with stopper included is 398 mm. Recommended solution of closure within the customized cap is Vinolok.


Price per one produced bottle would be in the range of 9 - 12 €, depending on the manufacturer and total units produced. MOQ is 10 000 - 20 000 units, again depending on manufacturer and general terms. 

Price of the mould and test run is around 20 000 €. Timeline from start to finish and delivery of the whole order is 6 months. 

Recommended retail price of a product featuring this design is 80 - 200 €, depending on age of the tequila and costs related to unit price. 


Myra is currently reserved. 


Luxury Tequila bottle Myra 2.jpg
Luxury Tequila bottle Myra 6.jpg