Many people wander and try find to the closest and most true description of art – only to end up in long, belletristic sentences that end up being perplexing or not describing anything at all. 

I offer a simple sentence that can be decomposed into specific meanings – Art is an intellectual interpretation of force. 

It is intellectual because we process emotions, feelings and information and integrate it with the help of our cognitive abilities through a process of logical or spontaneous thought.

It is an interpretation of force because we portrait and describe either natural or abstract constants and values which constitute and animate themselves in certain proportions and order, this can result in a painting, mellody, sculpture or an object.

What I mean by the "force" is simply the creative energy decomposed down to an atom that solidifies in objects we recognize or "make up" based on logic or emotional charge. Force is an everchanging, continuous shift of energy that transforms objects and their environment, it is a cohesive process where the smallest particles affect each other and also the grand scheme of the process.

Nature is "made" by shifts of energy, our complex imagination can work similarly and create highly logical and creative outputs that emulate the natural processes in their intricacy and causuality. Said simply – we interpret the force. 

Hopefully this can shed more light into a topic that has become completely fogged and unnecessarily complex.

I will soon follow up the description with my stance on what is art today, undoubtedly an actual and heated theme.