The Infusion

The concept of infusing the drink with ingredients is executed in the metal spiral part that can be  decomposed and filled with various ingredients ranging from natural (mint  leaves, lime) to prepared  or processed ingredients (sugar, essences).

The metal infusion element is large enough to be filled with plenty of ingredients to successfuly emulate the classic taste of a coctail / drink prepared for a glass. 

The ingredients can be either prepared by the bartender as in ratio for one of the coctail
recipes or can be ordered separately and be prepared by the guests themselves to 
show ingenuity and knowledge of the cognac and various taste combinations.


default" label composed along the lines of the bottle

default" label composed along the lines of the bottle



Product as a design template.


Infusion is first in the line of upcoming "design templates" – objects and products that are available to the market in the form of concepts which can be adjusted to a specific branding and product line. 


The difference between the regular popular graphic templates and product templates is in the amount the template can be used and the ways the templates is adjusted.

Product template is available only for a single copyright transfer as the product / branding developed must be unique. 

Product template can be modified only by the author based on a mutually agreed adjustment between the brand and the author.