Presenting three product retail / display and sale solutions with different spatial requirements.
The solutions are directed towards the women audience. Three model objects were created to display a serie of a "default" skincareproduct (cream, body lotion, shower gel).

The main visual focus is on the water filled glass elements with oxygen infusion and product
placement. Color schemes are kept mostly in neutral black & white.

The design is available for the market.


Original presentation / click

Solution I.

- against the wall, frontal visual contact only

Central unit 

 – consists of a water filled tank, glass separation and a LED display orlightbox with graphics

Description unit 

 – display units presenting product visually and accompanied with textdescription printed on the inside 

Sale unit

 – consists of a presentational element that styles and arranges the productinto a “DNA” shape and also offers the product for direct take away.

Size of the whole object: 4420 x 400 x 2005 mm


Possible variations:

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 3
Retail, skincare premium display, VM 4

Central Unit, environment variation examples / options of the LED display / animation:

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 5

Central unit features a LED panel separated by glass from the watertank. Stream of oxygen is directed from the lower part of the CU tothe displayed products. The aim is to create a sense of freshness and vitality. 

The background imagery can be either presented by an LED panel orby a simple lightbox with graphics. LED option can present either a film material of the product / a com-mercial or a CGI created thematic animation of organic content – cells,DNA or skin with effects and descriptive graphics

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 6
Retail, skincare premium display, VM 7

Detail views of the products in the stream of oxygen flowingthrough the water.

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 8

Descriptive unit:

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 9

Presented product rests in a pod consisting of a glass bulb and a clay base with a glaze finish with a soft gloss and slightly pearly look. 

The pod is lit from the sides by thin lightboxes and from the top by three spotlights. Descriptive printed text behind the pod explains the product and a lit logo is placed above the text.

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 10


Sale unit:

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 12

Sale unit features a presentational rotating structure inspired by the DNA shape. Use of lighting / halogen tubes and a lit brand logo together with black glossy surfaces andglass elements creates an ambiguos effect – the structures and aesthetics seemto change based on the spectator’s point of view. 

The black inner compartments contrast with the outer white execution of the display, thus drawing the attention into the almost visually immense and infinite spaceof reflections and imagery.

Retail, skincare premium display, VM 13

Solution II.

– spatial solution, accessible from all sides

Detail views The structure combines reflective black / white polymer surfaces with polished steel and halogen tubes. The result is a complex visual impres-sion of reflected imagery.

Solution III.

– spatial solution for a single product

The third solution consists of three discernible levels – the first is represented by the glass watter filledpillar, which smoothly joins with the second level below, which serves as either a direct take awayof the product or can contain auxiliary visual / graphic material. The third level contains product for direct take away.

Execution of the parts carries the same aesthetical elementsas in the previous examples, but the overall aim was for aneven smoother, feminine appeal.

Round shapes flow into each other and are accompaniedby light elements – large central lightbox anchored at thesides visually with polished steel parts and internal LEDlights.Black discs are structurally attached to these steel partsthat have a thin eliptical shape.


Retail, skincare premium display, VM 26