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Do you work alone or do you have a team of designers?

In almost all cases, I work alone as the designs I create can be done only by myself. There are some cases where I can outsource part of the work or some deliverables that do not require my attention to other designers, whom I pick based on their portfolio. 

Should there be a need of me being a part of a team – I have no issue whatsover, as long as the task and aim of the production can entertain my interest and my knowledge can be used to full extent.


What design work are you interested in or what is the extent of your services?

My skills and abilities are best used for any complex design tasks, be it interior design, architecture, product or transport design. I am interested in creating unique products that are usually more difficult to manufacture and also require much more funding and initial investment. I am not interested in pursuing any opposite of this, such as easily manufactured mass production (packaging, print and such).


Do you specialize in any concrete design field? 

No, the aesthetics I create can be applied to anything. 


What are your rates? 

My rates depend on type of the design and size or value of the entire production. I estimate the cost of my work based on the client's brief – if you want me to make an estimate for your project, I will need the most thorough description of it. 


Can you work based on royalties?

I can, but mostly choose not to as that is not a reliable MO for a designer at all. I can only work based on a royalty program if you are a seasoned manufacturer / producer, your company is stable and most of all – there is a sense of trust, which means I have to personally meet you and I have to like the project I am to be a part of. 

Royalty option can severely alleviate the initial payment for the design – but not completely mitigate it. 


I want to work with you, how can I reach you?

You can use the inquiry form above or write directly to my email – 

The best way of how to reach and communicate with me is a thorough initial written introduction of you, your company and your desired project to be. 

Alternatively, you can always call me, but that's best after the written introduction so I already have a sense of what's ahead.

Optionally, we can meet in person, but travel and accomodation expenses will be covered in advance based by my estimate. 

Before contacting me, please consider the nature of what I do and create – I will not be able to help you if the budget is too limited. 


Can you travel to work on location?

Yes I can, but accommodation and expenses will be estimated as an added cost. 


What manufacturers do you work with? 

See the home page for the list of manufacturers I work with. If we create a certain project, we can relay the project and information about it to the manufacturer. However, it is best if you reach to the chosen producer yourself at first (you will be given a direct contact) – to again thoroughly introduce your company and its aims. 

After the manufacturer examines the project and overall possibilities, I will take part in the process and ensure the manufacturer has all the necessary information and the project can be completed. 


Do you offer consultation services as well?

Yes, I can consult your existing designs, projects or ideas and help to steer them in the right direction. The cost of this service is estimated exactly as the usual design work – based on a brief.





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