I was sipping my coffee as usual when thinking about qualities that helped me to be better at what I do. Qualities that strenghtened both my personality and work discipline. 

The single most important quality is - stubbornness (funnily enough, even the word refuses to have less than redundantly excessive number of letters). Might not look surprising to some, but this quality can be only appreciated when enjoyed to the fullest.

Why did I not indicate perseverance instead of stubbornness? I believe perseverance is only the long term result of momentary stubbornness - to be stubborn is to refuse to quit. It is the firmness and resolutness in your mindset, to carry on, to continue, whatever the current adversities may be 

Stubbornness can also have negative connotations but in most cases, it is a feat that can be trained under strain to absolutely solid personal quality. What do I mean by trained? Put yourself in the most difficult place, situation and deal with it, quitting is not an option.

I had "passed" tests of endurance where I had to work 20, 24 or more hours straight in extremely stressing situations where the eventual success of a large project would rely only on my abilities. I was alone in the office and I knew that the next morning, the success of what will be presented rellies on whether I can keep pushing and find a solution right now. The clock is ticking and there is nothing louder than it at 4 am in the morning. 

These are moments that teach you to rely on yourself. There might not be anybody to save you or to help you, the only help you can count on is your mind. Will you crumble under the weight or will you perservere? If you manage to cope with the problem and push the weight with your own shoulders you will learn one thing - you will be there for yourself when needed.

I usually do not have to handle such big strain on my own now, but I learned that I can count on myself when this moment comes. I can say with certainty – there are not many feelings that can be compared to saying – let's get it on – when you see the big fin in the water approaching right at you. To perservere at any cost, to endure any strain and see yourself victorious is a feeling that makes you a complete, successful individual who knows that in the end, it is only yourself who can truly save you.